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The first attempt at establishing schooling in Oyster Bay was authorized by the Church of England in 1726 with Daniel Denton as instructor. He was paid ten pounds a year to teach children reading and catechism. However, there was no permanent schoolhouse. In 1802, James Townsend founded the Academy of Oyster Bay on a tuition-paying basis. The place where it was located is now the site of the Episcopal Church Rectory. In 1803, the Academy incorporated with the Regents of Columbia University, and thereafter received support from the University. With the merger of the Academy and the Regents of Columbia University, the district became District Number Two. In 1864, the number was changed to Number Nine. The year 1866 brought a change in the type of district and Oyster Bay Schools became known as Union Free District Number Nine. The first public school in Oyster Bay was erected on South Street in the Year 1867. In 1900, the old high school facing Anstice Street on the corner of Weeks Avenue was constructed. In 1926, before the present high school was built, there were eleven annexes scattered throughout town. Two were on East Main Street across from the school; two were located where the Atlantic Steamer Fire Company is now located; two on East Main Street across from Nobam's; two where Oyster Bay Fire Company Number One; and, three along Audrey Avenue. The present Oyster Bay High School building was erected on East Main Street and was ready for occupancy in February, 1929. It contained all grades, elementary through senior high school. On July 1, 1960, the Oyster Bay and East Norwich School Districts were combined into the new Central School District Number Six. Shortly after, growth made an overlapping ten period schedule necessary in order to provide the needed classroom space. Eight years later, the school was divided into junior/senior high schools operating as a morning session for the senior high school (Grades 9-12) and an afternoon session for the junior high school (Grades 7&8). In September, 1973, the High School became a Grade 9-12 facility, with eight periods per day. As of September, 1988, a nine period day was introduced in order to provide greater flexibility in scheduling for our students. Today, Oyster Bay High School offers a ten period day. On May 16, 1989, Oyster Bay High School was designated a "High School of Excellence" by the United States Department of Education in Washington, D.C., for being one of the best schools in America. In October, 1997, a bond referendum was passed by the Oyster Bay community. Among the projects funded were the construction of a new gymnasium and a new library-media center at the High School. Additionally, the Board of Education decided to move Grades 7 and 8 from Vernon School, back to the high school, in September, 1999.